Friday, October 2, 2015

The NEW Family Vacation

Every year, Mr. KK and I plan a family vacation that includes not only the two of us, but also both sets of our parents and – on the years our vacation does not include an airplane – our dog Vito and my inlaws' dog Dino. (Is this starting to sound like a scene out of The Godfather?)

I'm a planner by nature, so I LOVE putting together our itinerary, which usually revolves around food. I create a detailed agenda for each day, from the activities we'll be doing to what time lunch is. It's Type A in a good way.

This year, however, was our first family vacation with Max Mars. So things were a little bit…different.

our house for the week

(This kid is either going to grow up loving the fact that we all spend so much time together, or he's going to run away at age 11 to get away from us).

the crew

Vacationing with a Baby:

1. This trip will no longer be referred to as "vacation". Other, more acceptable, terminology include: "time away" or "time off from work" and "leaving the house for a week".

2. The number of daily activities on said time away will be cut in half, and be scheduled (as much as possible) around nap times.

Not pictured: Max napping in his stroller.

3. Being the first people to arrive at a restaurant for dinner. Early bird special, anyone?

looks like lunchtime with all that sunshine, 
but no, we're there for dinner

4. Sneaking away to the grocery store is considered 'quality time alone'.

5. Nap time = cocktail time.

6. "Sleeping in" means being able to lie in bed awake until 6:30am before getting up to get Max.

7. Unpacking and repacking the diaper bag a minimum of three times per day. And still forgetting something.

8. Strangers touching my baby. 

9. Using the line: "Can you watch Max while I grab something in my room?", but really meaning: 'Keep an eye on this kid while I pretend to be looking for something in my room but I'm really lying on the bed reading for a half hour.'

10. Countertops filled with bottles, sippy cups and pill boxes.

But we had fun! 10 straight days of Maxwell!

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