Sunday, July 20, 2014

Before you all tar and feather me...

"Wait, weren't you drinking margaritas last weekend?"

Yes, yes I was. 

And last night I had a hoppy IPA.

But didn't you just announce (in a photo Mr. KK had to be persuaded to take) that you're having a baby???


What the???

So here's the scoop...

Q: Wow! A baby! So exciting! But why are you still drinking???

A: We're very excited! So much so, that we continue to celebrate by drinking every weekend! 


Actually, we have a surrogate who is carrying our baby. SHE'S due in October. So I'm drinking for both of us.

Q: So you're not pregnant?

A: No.

Q: Did you know your surrogate when you started?

A: Not when we started, but we know her now. She's an amazing woman. We've met her a few times and we're constantly in contact. We FaceTime for ultrasounds. She sends pics of her growing belly and keeps us updated on Baby M. 

Q: Would you recommend surrogacy to someone?

A: Short answer: yes. Long answer: it has to be the right choice for you, and what you're looking for. There's a lot that goes into surrogacy, and it can take a while to find the right surrogate. There's lots of paperwork, lawyers, doctors, coordinators…and that's before you even get started. 

But what I will tell you is this: when you find the right person, it's an amazing experience. It truly restores your faith in humanity, that someone would be so selfless to help someone else. To give up your body (and in reality, your life) for at least a year (between the pre-testing and the actual pregnancy) is a huge sacrifice. If you've had a baby, think of how your life changed while you were pregnant. Now imagine doing that for someone else. Truly, truly amazing.

Q: Is your whole blog going to be about babies now?

A: No. Honestly, no one wants to hear about someone else's baby experience, right? (Unless you do, then I could blog for days and days…I've got TONS of material!)

Q: How does Vito the Wonder Dog feel about all of this?

A: Vito knows something is up. I've read about dogs who can sense the hormonal change in women when they're pregnant and become protective, etc. Since I'm not pregnant, I know that's not going on. And Vito has always been protective of me. 

There are times, though, when he will walk into the nursery-to-be and we're organizing or doing something and he will look up at us with a look that says, "But I'M the baby!" 

So we'll see how that goes!

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