Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I'm horrible with names. Most times when I'm introduced to someone I have forgotten their name by the time our conversation is finished.

However, I'm able to retain details about other aspects in my life, such as what day of the week it was when I 'became a woman' (Wednesday), and the outfit I wore to get my driver's license (pink t-shirt, grey and pink striped skirt and pink ballet slippers, courtesy of The Gap).

Back to names.

If I've met you once, chances are I have no idea what your name is. And I won't pretend to know, either. (Honestly, I'll probably try and avoid contact with you, if we're being totally real here.)

This morning, in the locker room at the gym, I was packing up my bags when this woman walked in. She introduced herself (and asked my name) about 8 months ago, and ever since then when our paths cross we either wave or make small talk while we're getting ready (one of my most favorite things to do: chit chat with strangers while half-naked in the comfort of the gym. insert sarcasm here.)

And if you've been paying attention to this post, you know that I have NO IDEA what her name is.

Today's conversation went like this:

HER: "Good morning, Shannon!"

ME: (looking around for Shannon, seeing we were the only people in the locker room, and realizing that she has remembered my name as Shannon.)

ME: "Good morning…" (the last word was probably muffled by me trying to grab my bags and hi-tail it outta there before any more uncomfortableness ensued.

HER: "How about that rain? You going to work today, Shannon? You never dress in sneakers for work!"

So not only is she calling me by the wrong name, she's calling me out for dressing comfy on a rainy day?

ME: "Yep. Headed to work. Gotta go! See ya!"

So…was I supposed to correct her on my name? Now that I didn't, when it happens again, do I correct her then and have her wonder how long she's been calling me by the wrong name?"

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  1. I have the same problem with names. Once I meet you and shake hands, it's gone by the time you've left my sight. Also somebody in your office, in fact, called me Jenny for months before I corrected her. I just felt bad calling her out on it.