Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life at home. A laugh a minute.

There’s a subject that’s taboo in our house: the butcher block counter top.

When we renovated our kitchen three years ago, Mr. KK wanted to build a butcher block counter top in our island. I’ve seen the inspirational photos…it will be gorgeous! Key thing to note is the future tense here: WILL BE gorgeous. Because it hasn’t been built yet. 

But we don't talk about it.

So in the interim we have a lovely piece of plywood serving as our counter top (sexy!).

But we don't talk about it.

And because this construction isn’t perfect, there’s a small opening in the counter top area that goes into the abyss between the cabinets.

But we don't talk about it.

Because we clutter this counter top with everything from dishtowels to snack mix to fresh-picked vegetables, it’s no wonder one of our tomatoes went rogue and rolled right off that fancy plywood into the dark abyss.


So I did what any self-respecting woman would do.

I left my husband a note.

And the next morning, he took the plywood counter top apart and rescued the tomato.

But, hey, we don't talk about it.

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