Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Adios, 2014!

2014 was a BIG BIG year over here in the KK house!

I turned 40!
I know.

And what a birthday it was! I took it in stride, 40 is the new 30, blah blah blah. Plus Mr. KK planned a nice birthday weekend that ended with tickets to…


You thought I was going to say the arrival of Max was the highlight of the year?

OF COURSE Max was the best part of 2014!

(But that surprise birthday trip to Mexico was pretty good, too. Mr. KK, you have set the standard for my birthday gifts now. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve in 2015.)

Funny coincidence: while we were in Mexico for the week enjoying margaritas and eating our weight in guacamole, our little Max was the size of a lime. Perfect, no?

 Yes, 2014 is definitely one for the record books.

We finally ended a our almost 6-year journey to familydom with the birth of Mr. Maxwell, who has stolen the hearts of everyone in the family. Seriously, this kid can dial up the cuteness.

I met an amazing and giving woman who partnered with us to bring Maxwell into the world, and I made a lifelong friend in the process.

We were blessed with a big Thanksgiving, with representation from our West Coast families, filled with fun, food and laughs.

I've had the pleasure of being home with Maxwell for the last three months, watching him grow and change every day. Plus, I've gotten to spend so much more time with Mr. KK, which is just an added bonus.

Hey, my pants may be tighter than they were when I started the year, but if that's the only downside, I'll take it. (And I'll buy new pants, too.)

So, 2014, I'm sad to see you go, but I'm looking forward to 2015.

In fact, here's what I'm hoping to do/see/accomplish in 2015:

1. Find the perfect work/life balance. I may as well have said I'm looking for nirvana or a purple unicorn because, really, does this even exist? Well, I'm hoping it does – or there's a version of it that does and that works for me – because the end of January and my return to work will be here in the blink of an eye (cue the tissues, please). And for the sake of those around me, I better find that balance. Quickly.

2. Work out at least ONE day a week. Hey, I'm not crazy; I know I'll never get back to hitting the gym five times a week. So why put that unrealistic expectation on myself, only to be disappointed and frustrated. ONE DAY. That's it. Can even be a Saturday. But that's all the Max time I'm willing to give up (see Number 1 above).

3. Read 2 books a month. I used to read 2 books a week. Again, that doesn't seem like reality anymore, now that I'm a Mom, blah blah. And Max's books don't count.

4. Put down the phone/remote/laundry/spatula. I've read WAY too many blog posts by Moms who wish they played with their kids more. It breaks my heart to read that, because I know how I can be, multi-tasking like a crazed Type A monster. Sorry, work emails, you will have to wait.

5. Try one new restaurant a month. Just because we had a baby doesn't mean we don't still love going out. We'll take Max while he's portable, and we'll leave him home with his adoring grandparents when he's not.

6. Keep blogging. I swear, I'll try. That "work" thing might get in the way, though…

7. Start.Writing.My.Novel. ((sigh))

8. Be a better person. UGH. 'Now that I'm a Mom' (god, I hate that phrase) I suppose I should be more open and accepting and NICE. That waiter with the crazy eyes? Pretend he has a nice, normal, non-creepy stare. The woman in Target who is wandering around talking to herself and in desperate need of a shower? Don't take her picture and post it on Facebook. The weirdo couple who wants to sit on the same side of the table at the restaurant? Well, I'm sorry, that's just ridiculous; they deserve to be made fun of.

Happy New Year!

May 2015 bring happiness and fun…and a little spontaneity!

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