Monday, December 8, 2014

Four Stockings.

For the last 9 years, we have been a three-stocking family. Each year we'd decorate for Christmas and hang my stocking, Mr. KK's stocking and Vito's stocking on the mantle on our little reindeer stocking holders.

And for the last 6 years, we have had a fourth stocking and reindeer stocking holder waiting in the wings, ready to be debuted for the holiday. And each year, we didn't have the opportunity to unpack it.

This year, we're FINALLY a four stocking family!

I've mentioned before…I LOVE Christmas. And I'm a real-tree kind of girl. There's something about the smell of pine in the house that really brings the holiday season to life.

Now, we don't go and chop our tree down in a field (we're not lumberjacks for Pete's sake!); but instead we select our tree from wonderful pre-cut trees (read: someone else trudged through a field and did all the hard work). As particular as I am about everything some stuff, it takes me only about 5 minutes to choose a tree. (Unlike some people I'm related to who shall remain nameless. Mom.)

This year, Max joined the tree expedition. And we even brought along our father-in-law, resident family photographer to capture every moment, because we don't have pictures of Maxwell next to pine trees yet!

 Max is VERY into the tree selection.

 We may not BE lumberjacks, but that doesn't stop Mr. KK from dressing like one.

 "I'd like one shaped more like this at the top."

 The official measure for the proper tree height.

Tree #3 is the winner! Wrap it up, we'll take it!

That was last Sunday. We got the tree home, made a fresh cut, and set it up in the stand to get 'acclimated' to the house (like it's some type of new house guest).

You know how with a new baby everything takes a zillion times longer to do than before?

The same holds true for Christmas decorating, apparently.








And then finally…on Sunday…

New color scheme!

Earlier this month:

KK: "I'm going to change up our decorating color scheme this year."

Mr. KK (suddenly seeing dollar signs and multiple trips to Target) "Promise me you won't spend $500 on new tree decorations."

KK: "I promise I won't spend $500 on new decorations."

Mr. KK (rolling eyes):  "You know what I mean."

KK:  "Yep. No spending $500. Check!"

Well, our new color scheme of gold/silver/bronze/cream (which did, indeed, involve trips to Target but did NOT, however, cost anywhere near $500) looks fantastic.

And, for good measure, we decorated our rosemary as well. 
(Italians include food in everything!)


This year we celebrate our four stockings, and the horrific spoiling that's going to be going down on Christmas Day by Maxwell's grandparents. 

NOTE TO GRANDPARENTS: we already don't have any more room in the house!

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