Monday, May 12, 2014

hola, reality

Today I spent the day coming down from my vacation high.

Rob – aka Mr. KK – surprised yours truly with a birthday spectacular gift like no other: a trip to Mexico.

I've been back from only 24 hours and I'm already going through withdrawal. So much so, that I made tacos for dinner tonight.

(true story)

My plan for vacation was simple: relax and do nothing. And eat guacamole every single day.

Mission accomplished on all fronts.

The resort was amazing. The weather was perfect. And the company…well, it didn't get any better. My only regret was that we weren't there longer. And that I didn't eat more guacamole.

Our days looked something like this:

 Why drank her weight in margaritas?
THIS girl!

Did I mention the guacamole???

 Our private patio and plunge pool.

I love the beach. But, man, do I hate sand.

 King-size pool bed? Gracias.

Number of books I read in Mexico: 6

Part of our 10-course Mexican breakfast.

 Can we stay here forever? Please and thank you.

 Mr. KK's pineapple drink, whom I affectionately named Blaine.
(I ate his pineapple nose)

Thank you for the best birthday trip ever.

That is sunRISE people, not sunset.
Yes, I'm even a morning person on vacation. 

Who's the best husband? THIS guy.

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