Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday, (with a) baby!

Since the arrival of Mr. Max,our Black Friday routine has definitely changed.

Crowds be damned, we used to head out every year. It used to be that we would time our trip to be early morning,and – back in the day when Black Friday really meant Friday shopping – we would arrive after the wave of 5am-ers were heading to their cars to go home. It was like we were the second shift.

This year, we STILL did Black Friday, but our focus was less on the shopping and more on where our lunch was going to be. Sure, we hit up a few stores, but the bulk of our day was  planned around Max's lunch and nap times.

Like usual, most  of my Black Friday purchases were for me. Though this year I snuck a few items in for Mr. Max as well.

Today turned out to be less about shopping and the Christmas rush, and more about me spending time with Mr. KK and Max. 

We weren't on a time schedule. The weather was 65 degrees. Seriously, it was a perfect day.

After Black Friday shopping we hit the park with Max. 

This kid loved the swings!

Random: When was the last time you saw a $2 bill? Let alone $36 dollars' worth!

FACT: bars will take $2 bills...reluctantly.

(they ARE money, though!)

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