Friday, November 20, 2015

There are Mom-things I'll never be good at. (Day 20)

There are all different types of Moms out there.

Smother-you-with-hugs Moms, Make-it-better-with-chocolate-chip-cookies Moms, Tough-love Moms.

And each of these Moms is really good at doing at one thing, and really horrible at doing another.

In the last 13 months, I have realized that there are just some things I will suck at. But, on the flip side, there are things I'm awesome at.

Here are some of those things:

1. Improvising. Honestly, I thought I would be a shoe-in for swaddling. I could tie a scarf in a variety of knots like nobody's business. But from that first day at the hospital – staring at my 2-day old son and the tiny blanket that was supposed to miraculously not only fit around him, but bind him into sleeping submission – I knew I was in trouble. Things got no better at home, even when I whipped out the ridiculously large muslin swaddled blankets. Max got out of those things in under 1 minute. So I bought the insta-swaddle: the baby "sleeping bag" that they were zipped into nice and tight and didn't wake or move until the morning. Easy way out? Maybe. Way out with the most sleep possible? You betcha.

Me and the swaddle were not a good mix. Max's pseudo-swaddle, the Woombie. 
This thing worked WONDERS. I highly recommend it!

2. Doing art projects. I LOVE crafts! And what better way ton spend your time then teaching other people how to do crafts! You can count on me to be all artsy all day long. Coloring? Check! Making things out of scrap paper? Check! Decorating with stickers? Double check!

3. Making sh*t up. There's nothing I love more than making Max laugh with the silly song lyrics or games I make up. Just this morning we sang my new-and-completely-made-up-song: "We're going to Grammy's house". He loved it.

4. Being the fun foodie parent. I love to cook. In fact, every week I make food for the upcoming week for Max. In fact, November was a big food introductory month for Max: farrow vegetable soup, and beef stew, kale and veggie burgers. He loved every last bite!

5. Snuggling. I could stop what I'm doing and at any point during the day for Max hugs. Right now, Max isn't that big into hugging. He begs to be picked up, and once he's up, he squirms to be put down. My favorite time is right before he fall asleep, when he snuggles into you just before closing his eye. More of that time, please!

I've found out that it doesn't matter what type of Mom you are. Your baby will love you for who you are. And for everything you're not, that's what your child's friends' parents are for.

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