Sunday, November 15, 2015

Day 15: NaBloPoMo halfway point! Let's break out the bundt pan to celebrate.

I wrote earlier in the month about National Housewife Day, because it was, well, ridiculous.

And the silliness continues as we move through November. I'm wondering if by the time they got to November and were coming up with things to celebrate they were just running out of stuff?

I imagine a small committee in a room jotting down all of the national 'days' for the calendar year. There are fast food wrappers lying around (National Fast Food Day is tomorrow, coincidentally) and there are big post-it note pages up all over the walls with scribbles on them.

Guy 1: "What they hell month are we on?"
Guy 2: "November."
Guy 1, looking down at his fleece: "Umm, how about National Zipper Day?"
Guy 2, rolling his eyes: "National Zipper Day is April 29th. What else ya got?"
Guy 1, thinking: "How about National Paperclip Day? Everyone loves paperclips."
Guy 2: "Yeah, I KNOW they do. That's why National Paperclip Day is May 29th. Come on...think!"
Guy 1: "National Dust Bunny Day?"
Guy 2: "National Dust Bunny Day? Who they hell would celebrate that?"

I will say, I'm sad I didn't do any celebrating yesterday, because it was both National Pickle Day and National Spicy Guacamole Day, two of my most favorite things.

So instead, I share with you the national holidays for today, November 15th:

National Bundt Pan Day. Considering I don't bake, changes are nil that I will be dusting off the old bundt pan to celebrate.

National Philanthropy Day. This one is kind of nice. Today, when I was at the store trying to juggle my purchases in my arms and push Max in his stroller (because they didn't have any hand baskets), I was in line at the register and dropped about half the stuff I was carrying. The elderly man behind me bent down to help me pick it up (while his 10 year old grandson stood by and watched). I thought that was very nice of this gentleman. It seems he celebrated today. And I only gave that kid a dirty look instead of saying something rude, so in a way, I celebrated, too.

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. Not happening. Next!

National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day. It's that whole no baking thing. And what the heck is a hermit cookie? And are they that popular that they come in a spicy version?

National Raisin Bran Cereal Day. So now brands are getting in on this National Days action? No go here, too, since I HATE raisins.

America Recycles Day. I would think this national day would be in April on Earth Day, but I guess recycling is important every day of the year. And I totally plan to put my empty wine bottle in the recycle bin tonight.

Apparently, today can also be National Snarky Blog Day.

Who knew?

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