Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 12: Confessions of a PTA Wanna Be

Is that not right???

A few days ago friends and I were talking about our kids, and how hard it is for working mothers to be involved in their school activities.

I'm not there yet, but I know that when Max is of school age, I'm going to want to be involved. Plus, my Type A personality makes me a perfect fit for the PTA!

All of this thinking made me declare to my friends: "I want to be a room mother!"

To which they responded, "You're cray cray."

Now, I grew up in the 70s, when every class had a 'Room Mother'. The Room Mother was the mom of one of the kids who would come to our classroom, armed with cupcakes and coloring books, and spend the day with us. Sometimes she'd lead a game, help set up and celebrate a birthday, or partake in story time. Room Mothers wore many hats. Plus, it was always just cool when your mom showed up in your classroom.

So that got me 'Room Mother' even a relevant term anymore? These women are probably now referred to as the Chief Classroom Officer (the C.O.O. for short). Instead of cupcakes ("is there a nut product/refined sugar/red dye/gluten in there?") they come bearing kale chips, edamame and electrolyte-filled water.

The CCO's main uniform is yoga pants (rhinestone writing across the ass optional) and a zip-up hoodie. Contrary to how she's dressed, the CCO has never actually seen the inside of a gym.

Part of me thinks I'd be a fantastic Room Mother: I'm organized, I'm crazy efficient, and I'm a great brainstormer when it comes to problem-solving. I'd make crazy-fun snacks, and all the kids would want to hold my hands.

They'd call me 'Miss KK', and help me set out paper plates filled with almost-neon carrot sticks.

And it would be wonderful.

KK for (PTA) President!

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