Saturday, November 21, 2015

#datenight (Day 21)

It was a crazy Saturday.

Up at 5am (naturally, don't ask me why)
Max's strobe light show at 6a
Gymboree at 9:30am
Mr. KK priming the ceiling in the addition
Me, prepping for a brunch I'm hosting tomorrow
2-hour trip to Lowe's (insert silent tears)
Then bath night for Mr. Max


We were both looking forward to an amazing dinner and relaxing.

Good thing I didn't disappoint!


Snack time while Max has dinner! Cocktails and kale and artichoke dip.

The beef rib roast is seasoned and ready to go 
with minced garlic, herbs de provence and olive oil.

Now that is a thing of beauty. 

Onion rings (because I can't help myself) and roasted garlic and rapini. 

That is restaurant-quality medium rare right there.

And, of course, a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Happy #datenight!

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