Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 14: I'm a horrible friend-maker.

We joined Gymboree.

Primarily, we joined so that Max could get some exercise and maybe even start walking.

We're also hoping to broaden Max's social horizons. He spends all day with his loving Grandmas and could stand to hang around with other kids. He at least needs a kid to rip a toy out of his hand or something...teach him to fend for himself.

We're a few weeks in, and so far Max seems to be enjoying himself. Thought it's very possible we're paying to have Max roll a ball by himself on a mat instead of at home on our living room floor.

It's a pretty low key environment (socks, mats, rhyming songs), however I find myself with crazy anxiety when we go. 

Am I supposed to make friends with the other Moms?

I am SO bad at making new friends. All I keep thinking is:

Will we have anything in common besides this Gymboree class?

I am, like, ten years older than all the other Moms here.

Do I have to pretend to gush over her child, who is dripping snot all over the   magic box toys and pushing Max out of her way?

Why is she so skinny?

Horrible, right?

Is it a mandatory that when you have a kid that you have to make Mom Friends with the mothers of similarly-aged kids? 

The prospect of new Mom Friends is intimidating. What if she's a bitch? What if she believes in breast feeding until kindergarten? What if she doesn't drink? 

I'm hoping one day I'll get there, and it will happen naturally. And we'll both be like, "Ugh, I'm so horrible at this! But look how much our kids like each other!"

And we'll look at our matching Tory Burch shoes and laugh, and then she'll pull a bottle of red out of her diaper bag, we'll settle the kids on the playground and then we'll get to know each other.

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