Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 11: Long Live Nap Time!

Every since Max was born, he’s been a fantastic sleeper.

On our 11-state tour home from the hospital in Georgia, Max slept for 4-hour stretches. At 3 months old, he started sleeping through the night. And even now, he sleeps for 10-11 hours each night.

Don’t be hatin’.

I know how lucky we are.

But the best part about having a great sleeper? NAP TIME.

Even with his marathon night's sleep, Max still takes a 3-hour nap in the afternoons.

I know.

I call this small window “Mommy Time”.

I cook.
I fold laundry.
I read.
I put dishes away.
I write.
I relax.
I pay bills.
I drink wine.
And ONCE, I napped when Max napped. It was a few months ago and was the first time since he was born.

There are those days, though not often, that Max doesn’t want to nap.

And this REALLY messes with Mommy Time. Because now we have a cranky kid (lack of sleep) and a cranky Mommy (lack of getting shit done).

When this happens, I leave Max in his crib, because even if he doesn’t want to sleep, he can rest, right?

Max “resting” looks like this:

Standing in the crib calling, “Mommy! Come Back!” for 20 minutes
Moving his stuffed animals from one side of the crib to the other
Holding onto the railing and jumping like he's on a trampoline
Knocking on the wall
Throwing his stuffed animals out of the crib
Looking at his animals on the floor and calling them by name
Singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Happy Birthday” 
Opening his bedroom door and slamming it shut
Banging his feet on the wall
Sticking his hand down the back of his diaper…AND…nap time’s over.

I will take advantage of nap time for as long as we can. Yes, it somewhat chains us to the house on weekend afternoons. BUT, it makes for a happy baby.

And Mommy can do some cooking, writing, and laundry.

And, if nothing else, she can relax with a glass of wine.

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  1. My first baby took naps until he was four. My just turned two-year old is starting to give up nap time, and I am in mourning.