Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 9: My First (four-legged) Baby

Our first born is a small mutt with a big personality named Vito the Wonder Dog.

Up until two years ago (and minus the time he had a four-legged brother named Francis who bullied him), he was an only "child".

I was nervous when we were expecting Max, hearing so many stories about couples who treated their dogs like children, and then once a human child came along, their first born was forgotten.

We try so hard to remind Vito every day how much he's loved, and that nothing's changed. And then he poops in the mudroom, and we're reminded that Vito is a dog.

Max was fascinated by Vito from day 1. I remember writing a blog post last year about how indifferent Vito was to Max, ignoring him and treating him like he didn't exist. While Max stared in wonder.

However, now that Max is running around and talking, Vito can't escape.

The Max and Vito show looks something like this:

When Vito is barking at Max when he's in his booster seat eating, Max will turn to him and say, "NO, Vito! Go on your bed!"
Which, I'm guessing, he gets from us. Oops.

When it comes to snacking, Vito is Max's BFF. He chases Max, who runs around with his snack cup yelling, "Stop it, Vito! MY animal cacka!"

And other times, Max will be playing on the floor, and Vito will walk right over the wooden train tracks we're constructing and sit down and stare at me. "Look, Max," I'll say, "we have our very own Clifford!" 
To which Max replies, "Move it, Vito."

But then, there are those tender moments, too. Like last night, when Vito was sleeping on his bed, and Max thought he could use some toys. So one by one, Max brought toys to Vito.

And Vito woke up like this:

These are the moments I love the most.

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