Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 10: I Suffer from OCLD

It's a serious illness. 

And my struggle is real.

I am self-diagnosed, of course. Because I highly doubt someone with a medical degree could examine me and declare that I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Lock Disorder.

My disorder is the most severe when I'm traveling. Especially when I'm traveling for work.

And you know what doesn't help my condition? Checking in to my room and then arriving at the door to find that it's not even closed. Instead, it's being held open by the security latch.

So of course this means I check the closet, the shower, under the bed and behind the curtains to make sure there isn't someone there, waiting to murder me.

Oh, and speaking of curtains and murder, I'm pretty sure my room was a gruesome crime scene prior to me arriving.

There seemed to still be blood stains on the curtains.

So how does one cope with OCLD when she travels so often for work?

She uses every lock imaginable, and builds a barricade against the door.

My husband thinks I'm crazy.

I think, safety first!

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