Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 12: My Celebrity Doppelgänger strikes.

I worked with an amazing group of people in Boston a hundred years ago in retail advertising.

We had a conference room called the "Wall Room", that was pretty much a room with four walls where you could hang up ads and pages of direct mail catalogs that you were working on to be critiqued. And in the middle of the room was a huge round table. 

Every day, a group of us would eat our lunch at that table, gossiping, talking about the TV shows we watched the night before, and just having fun.

We used to play this game, where we would go around the table and figure out which celebrity would play each of us if we were to make "Filene's The Movie".

My celebrity doppelgänger: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, aka: Elaine Benes from Seinfeld.

It was the late 90s, and Seinfeld was in its heyday. I even used to imitate her signage push and "GET OUT!" that she would do to Jerry.

And not only did I resemble her, we shared common mannerisms and a general impatience for 90% of the population.

Fast-forward 15 years.

And in what I can only assume was the biggest coincidence on the planet, look at what I got in the mail this week:

Elaine worked for J. Peterman on the show! She was a writer for the catalog. 

It's like we're kindred spirits.

Now, for a while I thought the catalog was completely made up, and it wasn't until after the show ended that I realized that J. Peterman was a real person.

And that that many people are still clambering for the Urban Sombrero.

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