Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 18: Words to Live By

A few days ago, I posted about the importance of nap time for my everyone’s sanity.

When Max was a baby, we conditioned him to sleep through quite a bit: vacuuming, a barking dog, the TV, conversations, music.

There were a few sounds, however, that would immediately wake him, even if he was in another room:

The “pop” from opening a beer soda can.
The “click and hiss” when our oven ignites and starts heating.
The baritone of Uncle Rick’s voice.
Vito’s nails clicking down the hallway.
The rustling of the plastic when opening cereal or crackers. (Oh, no, wait. That’s what wakes Vito up.)

When Max is sleeping, I am like a ninja. I go about my business of laundry and cooking and chores at a low decibel. I do my normal routine. They are sounds he’s used to. I don’t do anything new.

My husband, whom I love more than anything, was mostly likely absent in school on the day they taught whispering. He’s HORRIBLE at it.

HIM: saying anything to me
ME: “Shh! Whisper!”
HIM (not whispering): “I am whispering!”
ME: “No, you’re not.”

Because of his non-existent whisper and sometimes bad-timing to start certain loud projects during nap time I have come up with a motto for our house: 
“You wake him, you take him.”

Time for Mr. KK to master the art of whispering.

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