Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day 15: Halfway and a Crappy Day

Alt title to this post: #firstworldproblems

First off, it's the halfway point for NaBloPoMo. Hopefully you aren't sick of me yet!

While I can't always find the time during the year to blog, I love making time each day to post during this month, it's rather refreshing!

My life isn't all that exciting, but I try and write posts that paint a picture, or share something I've learned or discovered.

But some days, you just need to post about random things. That's today.

Today was a crappy day.

I woke up and did what most control-freak-workaholics do and checked my phone, only to discover an email from my health insurance asking for verification for something that I had verified a month ago. And they were threatening me, which isn't something that happens every day at 5:30am.

Good start to the day!

On to the commute in to work. A while back I started listening to audio books (once Serial ended, I needed something to occupy my mind!). I actually "take them out" from the local library, where they have electronic copies of books you can listen to on your phone. It's awesome. The book I've been listening to was a long one, and I was finally in the home stretch. When I clicked on my book to start, I was met with a message that said: "Your book has expired". So...I'll never find out where the missing woman is??? WTH?

Work was work, where my meetings had meetings. Clients annoyed me. And it rained. A lot.

Then, the commute home. I thought I had out-smarted fate, since I re-downloaded my audio book and was ready to listen to the last 20%. Joke was on me, though, because the highway was CLOSED. And while I felt terrible that an accident was that bad to close the road, I found myself sitting in the exact same spot for over an hour. My ride home took 2.5 hours. I did get to listen to my audio book, though, even though I still didn't finish (how long is this book??).

But the bright spot in my day, was making it home to put my little munchkin to bed. And knowing, that after the horrible day that I had, he had a GREAT day, filled with smiles and fun. With a kitchen and living room to prove it:

And that made everything all better.

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