Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 13: How to Hang Wallpaper and Stay Married.

Earlier this year, we wrapped up our very long home renovation.

We had turned our garage into a family room. A room where Mr. KK and I could relax, watch TV, have cocktails and sit by the fire. This room was a Max-free zone. This didn't mean Max couldn't be in the room, however, his toys needed to stay OUT.

Until recently, this big room pretty much housed a couch. Then shortly after I found a secretary for our keys, cell phone chargers, etc. In September I found am amazing coffee table and end table for a great price. And just last weekend I scored a rustic side board with a rolling barn door at HomeGoods that was helped make a very blank wall feel very homey.

Part of our renovation included built-ins along the front wall, and a built-in bookcase. I love me some built-ins!

Inspired by HGTV, I decided that the back of our built-in bookcase must have wallpaper.

I know wallpaper can be a nightmare (and I watch enough TV and people trying to remove it), so I opted for the peel and stick variety. I found one I liked on Etsy, and was even able to customize the colors.

It took about 6 weeks to get here, because I seemed to overlook the fact that it was coming from Latvia. (Geography = not my strong suit)

Today's nap time was going to entail putting up the wallpaper.

Do you do home improvement projects with your spouse? Well, we do them often. To be successful, you must be very aware of what each other's strengths and weaknesses are.

We used that strategy today.

Here were the criteria:

Mr. KK's strengths: measuring, cutting, building, hammering, screw gunning, sanding, lifting, constructing

KK's strengths: painting, reading directions, holding things, creative vision

So putting up wallpaper fell under my camp because:
1. It was my project, and if it got screwed up, I would have no one to blame but myself and 
2. I have more patience

And so the project began...

My beautiful wall paper! 

Our bookcase BEFORE

Our bookcase AFTER

Aside from some measuring, this was all ME.

The tricky part was, that the wallpaper wasn't wide enough to fit across the bookcase so we had to cut and line up the pattern, all while making sure there were no wrinkles.

If I had to do a whole wall, I'd probably shoot myself.

But look how awesome that looks!

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