Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 17: A baby changes everything. (thanks, Captain Obvious!)

A baby changes your whole life. That's what everyone told me while we were waiting for Max's arrival; and now that I've experienced it, I completely understand what they mean.

My "routine" is different. 

PRE-MAX: wake up, go to the gym, work, come home, cook dinner, watch TV and go to bed. Basically, do stuff for ME.
NOW: wake up, clean bottles, make bottles, feed Max bottles, change diapers from bottles, repeat.

"Oh I can't, the baby is waking up/hungry/crying/needs my attention."

When in doubt, blame it on the baby.

PRE-MAX: "Ugh. Okay." (cue guilt)

On the phone
Representative: "Would you like to take a quick survey about our service?"
KK:  "Oooh, you know I would love to, but I have a newborn just waking up from a nap. Maybe next time."

In the bank
Teller:  "Do you have time for me to tell you about the 2,347 benefits you could be taking advantage of by banking with us?"
KK:  "Oooh, you know I wish I did, but I have to get home to my baby."

To people trying to sell me something/collect donations
Strangers: "Hi, would you like to buy a calendar to support the high school basket weaving club?"
KK:  "Oooh, you know I wish I could, but we have a college education to save up for!"

Date night at home.

PRE-MAX: enjoy a few chilled cocktails, open bottle of wine, cook a late dinner, watch a movie, relax.
NOW: strategically feeding Max and calculating nap time, then sipping on a warm cocktail while coordinating dinner with the precision of someone organizing a space shuttle launch. Then asking, "If we do bath night tomorrow, can I have another glass of wine?"

Date night out.

PRE-MAX: drinks and dinner at night; or a full-day of visiting breweries then happy hour then dinner.
NOW: Date night what?

Shopping at Target.

PRE-MAX:  Self-limitation of ONE trip per month with a triple-digit total.
NOW:  With Max in the main part of the cart, I only have the little front section to put goodies. So, in a way, Max is helping me SAVE money. (How's THAT for logic, Mr. KK???)

Shopping everywhere else.

PRE-MAX:  "OMG! Look at this cute sweater/pair of shoes/coat/necklace/pillow! I must buy!"
NOW:  "Does this sleeper come in 0-3 months?"

But I wouldn't trade any of it. 

Not for a second.

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