Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 19: I have a pretty good memory.

Those people who say, "You won't even remember your life before Max!"

Well, those people are lying.

While I don't ever want to revert to life before my little Max, I do remember my life before he arrived.

In fact, here are 10 things I miss remember about my life prior to October 5…

1. Hot Tea. Every morning I make myself tea. On average I have to microwave it twice before I even take a sip. Even then, it's luke warm.

2. A night of uinterrupted sleep. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting sleep; in fact, Max's new accomplishment is only waking up ONE TIME during the night to eat. However, there was a time when I would sleep for 8 hours straight without any disruptions. ((sigh))

3. Daily showers. Let's see…write a blog post or shower? Eat lunch or shower? Ignore Max or shower? Yep, shower falls to the bottom of the list every time. And forget washing and blow drying my hair (that's an extra 40 minutes!). I do, however, shower for non-blood visitors (for the most part).

4. Going to the gym. As crazy as it sounds, I miss getting up at the crack of dawn and going to gym. It was my routine, and I felt good about myself starting the day with a workout behind me. Plus, it allowed me to compensate for my adult beverages at night.

5. Knowing what day it is. Last week I asked Mr. KK what day it was and he gave me a funny look. "It's Friday," he said, which is a big day of the week for the working folk. To me, every day is Friday. Or Monday. Doesn't matter.

6. Reading. Before Max, I was reading 2-3 books a week. Now that I'm home and not working crazy hours, do you know how many books I've read? ZERO. Do you know how many web articles I've read about "how much should my baby be eating?"? 4,237. At least.

7. People who were happy to see me. When they walked in the door and said hi to me, instead of brushing by while asking,"Where's Max?" 

8. Day of kk. That weekend day when we had NOTHING planned? And that day becoming whatever I wanted it to be? Oh, the possibilities! Pedicures! A trip to Homegoods! A boozy lunch! This day has morphed into "Hour of kk" (But I'll take it!)

9. Ah, the to-do list. I've written about this before. That awesome accomplished feeling you get crossing something off your list? Just a fleeting memory. The to-do list, however, makes a nice coaster and coffee table decoration.

10. Having two hands. It's amazing how skilled I've gotten at doing things with a baby in one hand: making bottles, putting clothes away, even putting on makeup. Hell, the other day I made the bed with one hand; that is talent, people.

I'll end with a ridiculous cute picture of Maxwell (which has nothing to do with anything but who cares this is my blog).

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