Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day 22: Date night and invalids

Just one day short of Max's seven-week birthday we had our official first date night! (outside of the house, sans bambino)

Also, I feel I must let you know that on this date night, we were both invalids. Me, with my bum knee from my fall the other day (in case you missed it, you can read about that traumatic day here), and Rob, with his brand-new ankle injury from today's leaf blowing in his parents' yard, including x-rays and two prescriptions.

So between the two of us hobbling, we somehow miraculously made it out of the house.

And…here's how our life has changed after having a baby.

When making a dinner reservation, they told us that they had 6:15pm and 8pm.

I hated to admit it, but if we took the 8pm reservation, there was a good chance I'd be asleep at the table before dessert.

"So 6:15 it is! Us and the blue hairs!" I (half) joked.

Now that we had the reservation, we needed babysitters. In an effort to not hurt anyone's feelings, we offered babysitting duties to BOTH grandmothers. All's fair in love and grandchildren.

TEXT TO GRAMMIES: 'Hi. Is anyone free to babysit Saturday night?"

TEXT FROM GRAMMY 1: 'We're free! Hey, maybe all four of us could babysit and we can order food and make a night of it."

TEXT FROM GRAMMY 2: 'We're in! Sounds like fun!'

Immediately I imagine the four of them ordering take-out and having cocktails and wonder…but if you're all eating food and drinking cocktails...who's watching the baby???

So we went on our date night and I'm ashamed to say we were home by 8:45pm. Not because we were worried about the baby (because we weren't), but because we're old and tired, and one of us had a fresh ankle injury and had spent the afternoon in the Urgent Care center.

But what a great night, no matter what time we got home!

Kicking the night off with a few IPAs.
Baxter's Stowaway IPA out of Maine…a favorite from our trip to Portland 
and now on its first week on tap in Connecticut.

 We went to Caseus (delish!) and we were seated next to a cheese lover's dream: the cheese fridge! No joke, probably thousands and thousands of dollars worth of cheese in here. Had I brought a larger pocketbook, we could have smuggled home some Manchego, college-style.

I'm a cheese whore. So, yes, we got the cheese board. 

Steak au poive for me.

The meatloaf special for Rob. This was my second choice, 
so thankfully he ordered it so I could have a few bites.

And back at home…

The parents had finished their dinner and wine, and were relaxing and watching TV. Max was wide awake, keeping an eye on everyone. AND, we missed not one but TWO poopy diapers.

So a successful night in our books to say the least. :)

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