Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 9: How many babysitters does it take to change a diaper?

The setting: Mr. KK's parents' house, where Max was chilling while the KK's were car shopping
The situation: Max had a poopy diaper

The players were:

Grandpa Al: Lead transportation officer

Grammie Judi: Head of dressing, wiping and diapering

Grammie El: First assistant in diapering, in charge of 
baby handling, wipes and wee-wee cover-up

Auntie Carole: Head of entertainment and crowd control

And here's how it went down:

Upon sensing (and hearing!) Max had a dirty diaper, Grandpa Al carried Max upstairs for his diaper change.

Next, Grammie Judi prepared the diaper changing area by laying out the changing pad on the bed.

Grammie El, knowing her big moment was coming up, got the wipes ready.

Downstairs, Auntie Carole guarded the stairs to keep the dogs away.

Back upstairs, Grammie Judi undressed Max, cursing his tight-fitting newborn pants.

Max – per usual – starts his 'diaper time' meltdown, which includes unnecessary screams and leg pumping that would make any Tour de France cyclist jealous.

Once the downstairs was secure, Auntie Carole relinquishes her crowd control duties and immediately comes upstairs to begin the entertainment portion of the diaper change. This includes rattle shaking, singing and animated facial expressions.

Grammie Judi removes the dirty diaper, grabs a wipe from Grammie El and begins the cleaning process.

Grammie El assumes the position and grabs hold of Max's legs to steady them, and keep them out of the poop.

Then, in a last-minute save, Grammie El dives in with a wipe and covers Max's little wee wee with unmatched precision.

Grammie Judi fastens the new diaper and begins the dressing process, once again, cursing Max's tight-fitting newborn pants.

Auntie Carole, coming to the end of her routine, retreats downstairs to manage the crowds.

Upon diaper completion, Grandpa Al swoops in and scoops up Max to carry him downstairs.

ANSWER: it takes 4 adult babysitters – with a combined age of over 200 – to change a diaper.

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