Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 4: An open letter to my ultimate girl crush: Ina Garten

Dear Ina,

I'm a long time follower, first time stalker letter writer!

I saw you when you came to the Bushnell in Hartford. Such a great interview that re-iterated what a down-to-earth person you are. You signed my cookbook (thank you, very much!). I would have hid in your luggage home that night if I could have.

I'm writing to invite myself to hang out together at your home in the Hamptons if that's okay. I've never been to the Hamptons, so what better way to enjoy my first time than with you.

I live right in Connecticut, so it would be a super easy drive. 

I'm totally a morning person, so I could get there bright and early! We could spend the day cooking together in your magnificent kitchen, and creating floral arrangements and table settings. Perhaps enjoy an afternoon cocktail or two. Then we could head out for some shopping in the Hamptons, maybe pick up some wine for dinner with Jeffrey and my husband Mr. KK, then spend the night hanging out your ridiculously amazing barn. 

I would embarrass you with praise about your recipes, how they are ALWAYS delicious – easy to make and perfect every time.

Like your penne vodka – which is THE BEST I've ever had.

Or your macaroni and cheese – simple and sophisticated. I could eat the entire casserole.

Then there are your individual chicken pot pies – perfect for date night!

I could eat a million of your chive risotto cakes. OMG.

And one of the only desserts I'm allowed to make in my house are your chocolate chunk blondies.

Then I would shamelessly invite myself to your next dinner party! (What could I bring? I make a mean baked brie with cranberries, perfect for this chillier weather. Or maybe my figs with blue cheese, prosciutto and honey?)

So if you have a free Saturday afternoon, let me know! 

I can be there in no time!

How easy is that?



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