Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 25: Renewing my 'Morning Person' card.

I set an alarm today for the first time in 7 weeks (don't be hatin') and I have to say…it was AWFUL.

I had an 8:30am doctor's appointment which required the night-before scheduling of someone who was planning detailed month-long trip across Europe.

With Mr. KK needing to be out of the house by 7:45am, me needing to be out by 8:15am, both of us needing to shower, me needing to blow-dry my hair (obviously I had somewhere to go today), Max needing to eat and then remain upright for 28 minutes exactly, factoring in time for diaper changing and dressing, car seat strapping in and feeding and letting out Vito, we might as well have not even gone to bed.

I set my alarm for 6:45am and I have to say, I was in denial when it went off. 

I was all like, "SHUT OFF YOUR ALARM!" and Mr. KK was like, "It's not my alarm, it's yours." 

And then I was like, "Grrr. Fine. You shower first so I have more time in bed." 

To which he replied, "I already showered."


We let Mr. Max sleep until 7:30am before we start HIS morning routine (did I mention this little nugget only gets up ONCE during the night and we have a 6-hour stretch after going to bed? I LOVE this kid).

Since it was before 10am, Max kept it casual and wore his pajamas to the doctor. And because he knew how tired I was, he didn't take his morning nap in an effort of solidarity in exhaustion.

Upon arriving to the doctor's office, to whom my husband and his whole family also go to (of course), everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed over Max.

Max being patient while on display at the dermatologist.

When I finally got in to see the doctor (about my pesky eczema which has tripled in horribleness since Max's birth…I blame the Purell) she, too, kept her eyes on the baby that she 'couldn't wait to meet!'

DR:  "I'll give you some cream."

KK:  "Do you want to look at my fingers? Is it even eczema?"

DR:  "Yes, it is," she says, taking her eyes off my baby for a millisecond. "How's your mother-in-law? She must be over the moon! 'Aren't you cute, Little Max! Look at you!'"

KK:  "How many times a day do I put the cream on?" Remember ME, your patient??

DR:  "Twice. Is he a good baby? Does he sleep through the night?"

Later that afternoon, Max was so exhausted with getting up and out of the house that he had to take a 3-hour nap. Seriously. When was the last time you took a 3-hour nap? This kid has the life.

Just nappin' in Mommy's lappin'.

Nap time was followed up with giraffe playtime.
How many giraffes does one boy need? 
Three. A squeaky one, a crinkly one and a rattle one.

When did I become so soft that I couldn't get up in the 6 o'clock hour? I used to get up at 5am and be out the door in the car on my way to the gym in Westport by 5:30am every day. Now I can't manage to pull my body out of bed before 7:30 (or whenever Max wakes up…sometimes it's 8am. Don't hate me.)

But I can't complain at all. When I read those articles about women who are walking zombies because they're getting no sleep I feel rather guilty. I get a combined 7-8 hours each day, and I feel great each morning.

I've actually gotten the compliment, "You look GREAT! And well-rested."

Hey, I'll take it! And I'll work on reviving my 'Morning Person' card come January.

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